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The Difference Between Formal and Informal Writing

When it comes to writing in English, there are two main styles of writing - formal and informal. Consider these two examples:
Example 1:
This is to inform you that your book has been rejected by our publishing company as it was not up to the required standard. In case you would like us to reconsider it, we would suggest that you go over it and make some necessary changes.
Example 2:
You know that book I wrote? Well, the publishing company rejected it. They thought it was awful. But hey, I did the best I could, and I think it was great. I'm not gonna redo it the way they said I should.
The difference between the two is obvious. The first one is formal, and the second is informal. But what is it that makes them formal and informal?
It is the style of writing, or the way we use words to say what we want to say. Different situations call for different ways of putting words together. The way we write in academic and scientific settings differs greatly from the way we write to a friend or close one. The tone, vocabulary, and syntax, all change as the occasion changes. This difference in the styles of writing is the difference between formality and informality, or the difference between formal and informal writing.
Following is a list of some of the main differences between informal and formal writing:
Informal: May use colloquial words/expressions (kids, guy, awesome, a lot, etc.)
Formal: Avoid using colloquial words/expressions (substitute with children, man/boy, wonderful, many, etc.)
Informal: May use contractions (can't, won't, shouldn't, etc.).
Formal: Avoid contractions (write out full words - cannot, will not, should not, etc.).
Informal: May use first, second, or third person.
Formal: Write in third person (except in business letters where first person may be used).
Informal: May use clichés (loads of, conspicuous by absence, etc.)
Formal: Avoid clichés (use many, was absent, etc.)
Informal: May address readers using second person pronouns (you, your, etc)
Formal: Avoid addressing readers using second person pronouns (use one, one's, the reader, the reader's, etc.)
Informal: May use abbreviated words (photo, TV, etc)
Formal: Avoid using abbreviated words (use full versions - like photograph, television, etc.)
Informal: May use imperative voice (e.g. Remember....)
Formal: Avoid imperative voice (use Please refer to.....)
Informal: May use active voice (e.g. We have notice that.....)
Formal: Use passive voice (e.g. It has been noticed that....)
Informal: May use short and simple sentences.
Formal: Longer and more complex sentences are preferred (short simple sentences reflects poorly on the writer)
Informal: Difficulty of subject may be acknowledged and empathy shown to the reader.
Formal: State your points confidently and offer your argument firm support.
These are just some of the differences between formal and informal writing. The main thing to remember is that both are correct, it is just a matter of tone and setting. Formal English is used mainly in academic writing and business communications, whereas Informal English is casual and is appropriate when communicating with friends and other close ones. Choose the style of writing keeping in mind what you are writing and to whom. But whichever style you write in - formal or informal - be sure to keep it consistent, do not mix the two.

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Writing a Custom Essay

Custom essay writing is a demanding exercise that calls for writers to be in appropriate mindsets in the pre-writing and writing processes of the exercise. Writers that seek to achieve the best of results in essay tasks must summon their perceptual, research and writing faculties in well balanced manner that will incontrovertibly demonstrate the maturity and the coming of age of their research, writing and critical capabilities. Custom writing demands that the writer be disciplined if he or she has to handle the multi-tasking approaches that characterize the feasible custom essay drafting and compiling strategies.
Before delving into the nitty-gritties of gathering and putting though formulated and gathered ideas on the essay topic, writers must be sure that they have clearly understood the topic and have sufficiently construed the denotations and connotations of the key terms used in the essay topic of thesis statement. This enables writers to locate essay subject into its appropriate conceptual and philosophical framework. Many writers especially inexperienced students usually falter in the writing of essays due to an abysmal lack of understanding of the defined requirements of the essay task outlined in the thesis statement. Critical terms to watch out for include the imperatives like 'analyse', 'critique', 'describe', 'discuss', 'explore', etc.
Writers must understand the different requirements of custom essay writing tasks implied by these thesis statement or essay topic imperatives. An essay that analyses is unmistakably different from the one that describes. The former requires a critical presentation of concurrent and divergent perspectives whilst the later requires the outlining and illustrating of the dynamics and dimensions of an issue or any object in focus without necessarily critiquing any aspects.
Failure to correctly interpret the essay task imperatives often results in undesirables like failure or failure to obtain one's set satisfactory goals and standards and the impact of failure may deteriorate into feelings of dissatisfaction and profound disdain of one's self.
When writers get to understand the actual requirements of the custom essay task, they are empowered to conduct relevant and adequate researches in order to gather all relevant and related facts and opinions that will enable them to present balanced and professionally articulated arguments and standpoints in the custom essay Writing also exerts significant demands on the exploit of a writer's polished and prolific writing acumen. The manipulation of language in inventive, incisive and non-overbearing parlance comes as the crux of the actual custom essay writing exercise. Writers who fail to pay adequate attention to the aspects of presentation run the risk of letting their research and knowledge substance waste away in the knitting of unprofessional and mediocre write ups. This again must be expected to precipitate failure.
Admittedly, custom essay writing requires the integration of key and core research, writing and writing traits succored on supportive personal skills that entail discipline and acute time management among other qualities.

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Simple Ways for Writing Amazing Essays

There are many simple ways for writing essays. Having said so, most of the writing follows some definite pattern of rules. The first and the foremost thing that needs to be kept in mind is the complete understanding of the topic of the subject that is to be written.
Understanding of the subject on which things would be written will enable a writer to write true things about the subject. He will be able to focus solely on the issue of the subject, and hence will be able to write both the good and bad things on it.
Writing of things should be done in a descriptive form. It should be versed with the tone of the exact story line for clarity on the subject. Introduction should be well written. It should be followed by a rough highlight about the meaning or issue of the subject. This way the reader of the material should be well acquaint with the topic of the subject.
A serious tone on the subject should be introduced mid way, for a better grip on the issue of the topic. Slang words should not be used while writing things. Writers should also not decide on what to write without first analyzing on the subject that is to be written. All possible information should be gathered first for giving a proper look of the structure of the piece of writing.
Gathering first then writing things is the first basic tip for all, who want to write quality essays. Content of the body should go well along with the topic of the subject. There should not be any kind of if and if not's. Instead a person should focus on the merits and demerits of the issue or the subject.
While writing of things a person should be crystal clear of what he is going to write, fluctuation of ideas will only hamper the structure of his essay. Writing differently from the way a person talks also would break down the structure of the writings. So, a person should not unnecessarily try to write in a different style just because he finds it awesome. Instead an individual should write essay in the way he will normally do. This will give purity and the essence of truth on the subject that is written.
Appropriate mindset is the basic need for all kinds of essay writings. Writers that look out for the best out of them should try writing in their original style. They should summon their research, and perceptions for building a concrete structure of writing skill. Custom writing would demand a writer to be disciplined in his art of writing.
Good research will enable a proper look on the issue of the subject, for which the essay is so written. Strategies should be made for compiling the story of the essay. 'Discuss, explore, analyze', should well be noted for writing a perfect and an amazing essay.
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Rhetorical Devices in The Filipino Flag Rises - Alone by Carlos P. Romulo

Rhetorical devices are often used to make any written or spoken discourse more persuasing, more appealing, and more effective. The lack of it may not entice the readers or listeners to consider and think about the ideas and concepts presented to them, thus acquiring little amount of integrity to be able to persuade. Insufficient use of rhetorical devices may also cause the piece to be too bland to be appealing, all the more intriguing. Like spices added to the food, they perk up the taste and give a different kind and feel of eating experience. Enough amount of usage of these devices enables one to be more effective in conveying the message he wants to convey in a more persuasive and artistic manner.
Several rhetorical devices are found in this essay written by Carlos P. Romulo, a Filipino Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and president of the fourth General Assembly of the United Nations. The rhetorical devices used are not explicitly versed, they are even almost just suggested, but they can still be identified despite of those and they can still cast the impact that makes the essay remarkable despite of the simplicity.
The opening sentences already present anadiplosis, wherein a word at the end of one phrase in this case is repeated at the beginning of another.
"Suddenly there was a deep silence... a silence that was the prelude to a glorious event."
This rhetorical device somewhat creates a feel of suspense executed in an almost poetic manner. We could only imagine the lines being spoken as a prologue to a years-long running play. This seems to be the feel that anadiplosis presents as how it is used it the essay.
Polysyndeton, or the insertion of conjunctions before each word in a list, is also identified, although not explicitly used as well.
"Thick cumulus masses gathered and shifted and blended in never-ending succession... "
We would sometimes observe young children speaking in a manner identical to the function of the said device. This gives off a somewhat light tone to the text since it appears to be child-like, and a sense of genuity since it sounds like it is spoken live.
There were also several instances where a sudden break in a sentence's grammatical structure, or anacoluthon, was used. The way it was presented seems to vividly present the setting more and not a completely different shift in idea.
"And the enveloping silence was so thick - it was almost audible."
It tends to give more emphasis to the phrase after the break, doing the job of describing the scene effectively with the use of only a few words,
The next line also possesses the same rhetorical device, only this time the 'break in grammatical structure' presents another device, the anaphora, wherein one or more words is repeated at the head of consecutive phrases, clauses, or sentences, and in this case, words.
"In a moment, we saw a silver pole - so tall, so bright, so magnificent."
The next rhetorical devices found were also anaphora, and this time, they're between sentences, and again, it was not explicitly used, but nonetheless identifiable. It also presents this sense of emotional build up as the author dug the depths of his sentimentality.
"Beneath it we fought the epic battles of Bataan and Corregidor. Beneath it we felt that this was not a mere patch of tropical soil... "
The lines from the essay to follow also present anaphora, although it also suggests amplification, or an expansion of detail to clarify a point.
"This was a piece of America. This was American Democracy. This was the last outpost of freedom in the Pacific."
Another piece of anacoluthon was presented, and again, it was more of like a more definite description of the moment.
"At this point the two flags met on the way - one going up, the other coming down."
Anaphora was next used in a paragraph in the essay.
"This was the voice that sustained us through the long, unequal fight. This was the promise that now found consummate realization and fulfilment. It was worth the sterling valor and the unspeakable sacrifice. It was worth the blood, sweat, tears, and treasure that any nation could offer upon the altar of immaculate liberty".
The next rhetorical device breaks the chain of the of those previously often used, as it now presents metanoia, or the qualification of a statement to either diminish or strengthen its tone, as in this case below (strengthen).
"Guns - big guns of the Army - began to bark not in accents of defiance but in salvos of applause."
Those last parts of the line could also pass as an antithesis, or the contrast within parallel phrases, as in "... bark not in accents of defiance but in salvos of applause".
The following line presents anacoluthon and anadiplosis, and we can also add anaphora to top that up. It could be viewed as a combination of these three rhetorical devices.
"And the rain blended with our tears - tears of joy, of gratitude, and of pride in supreme accomplishment."
The next would be another case of anacoluthon, and it is also like the previous others, which describes the definite object it is aiming at.
"Above us flew for the first time and over this embattled land, alone, happy, and unperturbed amidst the sweeping gales and whipping rain - the Flag of the Philippines."
Finally, the essay ends in a striking epizeuxis, also called palilogia, which is a mere repetition of words, intending to leave a lasting impression on the reader, and also reflects the author's intensified hopes.
"GOD! May it stay there ever, ever, ever, ever."
The most prominent rhetorical devices present in the essay are anacoluthon and anaphora, both presented five times. The main feel of the text is about the intense emotion of attaining freedom, and these most prominent rhetorical devices used somehow reflect the author's emotional state - genuinely grateful, intensely hopeful.

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How to Begin Writing an Essay - The Power of 3 For an Easy Takeoff

So, you've finally sat down to write your essay that is probably due very soon. You're staring at the blank screen thinking to yourself: "Why do I have to do this?!" You're probably having a bunch of other thoughts that you're welcome to share with me and my readers. Let's face it: you have the Acquired White Page Fear Syndrome.
I hear you because I've been there. I've found out for myself that the hardest part of writing an essay is writing that first sentence. So, what is the cure?
The Power of Three:
Write your essay in 3 steps
  1. Write your Thesis Statement
  2. Write your Body
  3. Do the Power Proofread
To Write your Thesis Statement:
  1. Choose your Subject
  2. Choose the Verb
  3. Come up with Three Supporting Points (Yes, the Power of Three again)
1. Your subject is essentially what your essay is about.
Here's an example of a Thesis Statement:
Video gaming benefits the players' health.
What is the Subject of this sentence? In other words, what is this sentence about? It's about Video Gaming. Note that it's not just about video games or the players. It's about the act of playing video games specifically.
2. The Verb simply describes What the Subject Is or Does.
In this example, the Subject is Video Gaming. So, what does it do, according to the thesis statement? It benefits the players' health. So, the verb is 'benefits.'
Now that you have the Subject and the Verb (and, in this case, the Object as well, which is 'the players' health), your Thesis is done. But a Thesis is only the main part of the Thesis Statement. In order to complete the Thesis Statement, you need to do Step 3:
3. Come up with Three Supporting Points (Yes, the Power of Three again).
So, instead of being stuck thinking of what to write next, here is a great way to make your essay creativity explode:
Come up with 3 Supporting Points to support your Thesis. What can they be? The easiest thing to do is to just think of your thesis as an answer to a question. So, if the aforementioned thesis is the answer, then what would be the question?
How does video gaming benefit the players' health?
In which ways does video gaming benefit the players' health?
And since you are using the Power of Three, here's your answer:
Video gaming benefits the players' health in three ways.
Okay. Do you see where this is going? Now you have a nice little structure forming. And all you have to do is to come up with three ways that video gaming can benefit the players' health. Here are just some of the ideas:
Video Gaming can benefit health in the following ways:
  • It improves hand-eye coordination
  • It provides a relief from stress
  • It burns calories
Wow! I can't believe I just came up with three health benefits of video gaming! And I did it without doing any research. And it took me about a minute. Now, if you're writing a research paper, then you better go on the Internet and do a simple search to validate these claims. However, if you're just writing for a writing class, such as English 101, then chances are that your professor or instructor doesn't care if you've done your research and only cares about the quality of your essay.
And now - your complete thesis statement:
Video gaming benefits the players' health in three ways. First, it improves hand-eye coordination. Second, it provides a relief from stress. And finally, it burns calories.
And that's your first paragraph. Now, depending on how many pages your essay needs to be, just focus on a section at a time and provide some evidence. I'll show you how to do just that in another article.

Think Freelance Copywriting to Support Your Fiction Writing Career

There are many writers struggling to balance their love of writing with full-time careers. In this situation, it's not unusual for a novel to take years because of the time constraints involved. However, making a full-time career out of novel writing can be an impossible task. For the majority of writers, advances and sales aren't enough to sustain your career over the long haul. One way to support yourself and still do what you love is to become a freelance writer. Here are some ways you can get started and the benefits involved.
Why Freelance?
First of all, freelance writing spans the entire world of writing possibilities: from writing web copy and marketing materials to ghostwriting novels and e-books. The range of genres, styles and topics is enormous.
One thing you will learn quickly in becoming a freelance writer is that you will expand your writing skills exponentially in a very short time. By tackling areas of writing you've never tried, you learn new principles, strategies and techniques that will actually improve your fiction writing capabilities. When you tackle academic writing, you learn research skills and formal grammar/punctuation rules. You also learn to tighten your writing to keep to the subject. Copywriting and developing marketing materials teaches you how to write succinctly, precisely target audiences and think like your readers. It also helps you learn to write your own marketing materials.
The second and main reason to freelance is that there is a huge market for freelance writing out there. Companies rarely have the budget or need to employ full-time copywriters on staff. They often turn to marketing companies to source their needs. Marketing companies in turn often source to freelancers for much of their own needs. Again, this keeps them from having to maintain a full-time staff of writers. Companies generally turn to a base of several freelance writers with different specialties. If you can lock into a strong company - whether a direct business, a marketing company or whatnot - you will find a very steady base of work and income. Just two to three clients like this can keep you steadily employed in freelance writing with a very decent income.
Getting Started
Getting started as a freelancer is always the hard part. If, like me, you start out with an excellent set of writing skills but no official past writing work experience, building a credible reputation can be difficult. Here, it is important to look at all of your past jobs and pick out the pieces that involved professional writing. For me, I was a paralegal and spent 12 years writing at a highly technical and formal level. I also spent two years as an editor on my high school paper and one year as a research assistant with a university where I wrote and edited professional journal articles for my professor. I also had vast research experience from most of my past jobs. While you should never lie about your abilities or experience, feel free to make a big deal about what is there.
Next, you will need a portfolio. You will want to focus on the type of writing for which you are going to be bidding. If you want to write marketing materials, create a set of promotional material for a fake company to show your skills. Sometimes it's good to learn complementary skills, such as Photoshop, to go along with your writing.
Now it's time to get the word out and market yourself. The two big players in the freelance market are Elance and Guru. Guru recently lowered its membership prices to better compete with Elance. Both sites offer the opportunity for freelancers to create a profile and portfolio and bid on posted jobs. Keep in mind that much of the time when you are first starting out, you will get jobs based upon being the lowest bidder. However, not all clients choose this way, so you should research the bidder to see how they've made past contracting decisions.
Finally, I highly recommend you become an EzineArticles author. Once you've become an expert in your chosen freelance field, it's important to be recognized as such. It is an enormous rush when someone picks out one of your articles to post on their expert writing website. The recognition is invaluable to a freelance career.
Developing a strong freelance career takes 18 to 24 months overall - if you're good at what you do. The harder you work to create solid material and market yourself, the faster success will come to you.

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Academic Writing - 5 Suggestions for Improving Academic Writing Skills

There are tons of academic writing essays and custom essays that have been specifically made to understand and to provide information to students that want to have their work done for them. Often times there is a difference when it comes some of the information that is being provided and whether or not the information that is wanted, is being delivered. Often these are some things that students tend to realize when they are writing a custom essay and if they want to find a custom essay. To improve academic writing skills these are some things that can be applied.
Bold Thesis
Transitional arguments
Thesis statements
In academic writing a thesis statement is often made in a way that is embolded and created with a bold statement that creates a statement for people that is a clear decision. These statements will make an impact and create a readable reaction within seconds, which engages the reader whether they want to or not. Unfortunately, this is a tactic that is applied, but it can also be applied to empower people.
Being clear and concise
About the document makes a difference when a person is making their own statement in their academic writing paper. In many cases, the more specific a person is, the better the quality and that means that people who read the document will know what's being said, whether it's understood or not.
Arguments within a document will often make a difference when it comes to the arguments tat are being made. The arguments that are being made will be stronger if they are factual and less involved with the rest of the opinion. The facts is what makes the argument strong. These facts, when they are made clearly and thought about they will build and mold something to an understanding. They also reveal what isn't fact and the argument that it makes.
Transitional arguments
In Academic writing these arguments often are the differences when it comes to the readability of the entire thesis and document. These will show whether or not the student knows what they are creating and whether the paper will read accordingly.
These are all ways in order to notice some of the information that is being shown for thesis statements and if incorporated can improve the academic writing skills drastically. Each case will make a difference in the quality of the document. Applying these suggestions could make a difference in the quality of what people find in their own thesis statements and in others.

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College Essays - How to Write them Fast

Whether your grammar or punctuation is poor, you don't know how to spell or you just can not get the words flowing, writing an essay is one of your least favorite activities. You are not alone. A whole industry exists for both ethical and unethical ways to help you with your essay writing. This article will explore a few ideas on making your essay writing experience less painful while still creating a quality paper.
If you write like you talk you will end up with a very unprofessional paper. However, if you are among the people that can not get started this is exactly what you need to do. Just start writing with out regards to quality. Then after you have twice as many paragraphs as needed cherry pick the best and rewrite them in an academic manner.
Another technique for getting started is the Question and Answer method. Simply write down ten questions about the subject and then research and answer them. It is important to know your audience. The questions need to include a definition of the subject itself to make sure all the readers are up to speed. Of course, when you are done it is necessary to put them in the format needed for the assignment.
A great method to get started fast is to use another essay as a template. The trick here is to use an essay on another topic, but the same style. For example, if you are doing a biography of Abraham Lincoln an essay on Benjamin Franklyn may make a good template. It is important not to use the same topic as that would lend itself to plagiarism. This technique can be used with compare and contrast essays, classification essays, etc.
Choosing the right subject or the right angle on the subject can really speed up your research. The ideal subject is not to broad in scope ("dogs" is too broad -- "dogs at work" is better) and with plenty of information available. If a subject is to broad you may have a hard time deciding what to include in your essay and the reader may feel it is incomplete. A narrow subject will tend to write itself as there is only so much to say. It is important that you find plenty of information on the subject so that you can choose the best sources to quote. Do a Google search. If you do not find what you want on the first page of your first search, change you topic.
The second part of speeding up research for your essay is to limit your searches to reliable resources. You need to make sure any source you site is respected and accurate. One way to do this when doing internet research is to limit your searches to .gov, .edu and journal articles. This will remove a lot of the less desirable search results.
Spelling, Grammar. Style and Punctuation.
Here is the hard truth, if you are in college and still struggle with this you probably always will. I do recommend taking a remedial writing course if you believe it may help. There is another option. Ask for help or pay for help. There are plenty of people that can proofread and edit your paper. It is important that the people that edit your work have strong writing skills.
In conclusion, writing essays is like everything else, it gets easier with practice.   Keep your completed essays for reference and to use as future templates. Good luck with your next writing assignment and remember to try and learn from each essay you write.

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